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Happy to see you want to find out more about me! On this page, you will find more information about who I am, my background, life story, musical and other careers, as well as hobbies and other personal interests.

My Story

Early Life

Road to Piano Master

Life, Travels, Sports, Hobbies, Other...

Born in war-torn former Yugoslavia, my first memories are happy and careless mixed with scary and confusing. For as long as I can remember, the everyday mood and circumstances would change dramatically and rather quickly - a dynamic resembling Beethovens piano Sonatas. From joyfully playing with friends in the local park and learning to dribble a basketball on a sunny day, to hearing the unsettling air strike siren and running down the stairs to hide in the dark building basement, witnessing street violence, poverty, seing drug addicts, criminals, hearing about all sorts of travesties around us on the news, while my parents and everyone else was dealing with hyperinflation and else, participating in demonstrations trying to protect us and provide for our day-to day. While I was more or less oblivous about what was truly happening aroud me, I could always sense the stress of my parents and other adults around me, who had to daily deal with surviving the unnecessary war brought to us by a crooked government, bad and corrupt leadership and everything that brings to the everyday life. They had to deal with hyperinflation


and shooting it on the improvised hoop that my dad made out of the old used wall paint bucket and hung on the tree.


Basketball was my first love, but then came piano. As long as I can remember my parents would put on the classical music radio. We also had an occasional guest, a relative who was a pianist and who brought us classical music cassettes. I remember liking the classical music having dramatic transitions from joyfull to terrifying, careless to unsetling, similar to such transitions in our every day lives. As such, classical music provided the perfect soundtrack to the dramatic changes around us.

I was drawn to it. At age 7 I proudly proclaimed: "I want to play the piano". My parents took me to a local music school, I passed the entrance exam, and that is how my musical story began. Having no musicans in the family, my early success was unexpected. I started winning competitions and was quickly characterized as a talented kid. I enjoyed those compliments and I started beliving that my talent is simply God-given. It felt too easy that I started beliving I can get away with no practicing. My early success was then followed by years of getting by, failing to meet my potential because I bet everything on my 'talent', without putting in the neccessary work to accompany it. While going to music school, at the same time I had to go to the normal elementary school, as well as being a part of the basketball and table-tennis teams. All those took a lot of time. When I was about 12 I had to make a decision, either basketbal or piano. My decision was to drop basketball and get serious with piano. *fun fact* I forgot to attend my 6th grade final piano exam and went hooping on the local court instead.

I spent my teenage years the usual way - smoking and getting drunk, skipping school and chasing girls, making memories while wasting my life away. Well, most of it... There was consistency in my piano practice. Through the wild teenage years, I still managed to keep practicing every day, even if sometimes it was only 30 minutes or so! This consistency 

takmicenja, masterklasovi, koncerti.

Fast forward a few years, it's 2013, I just graduated high-school, and I'm auditioning for the Piano Performance program at the University of Music in Belgrade. At 17 years old, I started the first year of the Bachelor's program. 5 years later, I had 10 


Born and raised in Belgrade, I owe my love for music first and foremost to my parents, who exposed me to classical music from my earliest childhood and thus formed my musical taste and started my interest in playing the piano. Together with my sister, they remained my greatest support and encouragement during all life challenges, including the ones related to my career.


I started my musical education at age 8 in one of the most respected music schools in Belgrade, where I graduated from primary and secondary music schools. I completed my academic studies at the University of Arts in Belgrade. To my mentors I owe the piano skill that I have and which they patiently and selflessly conveyed to me during our long-term cooperation.


During my career I had a large number of performances, including performances at the Chopin Fest in Belgrade, Kolarac Gallery, Cultural Centres, Student Centres, and in the National Museum Atrium. I performed a number of solo recitals, including the ones in the Gallery of Serbian Academy Of Sciences And Arts, the hall of the Children's Cultural Center, Artget Gallery of the Cultural Center of Belgrade, and the hall of the Faculty of Music In Belgrade. I also performed with great success in numerous competitions, from school to national and international level. I also gained valuable musical experiences as a member of various chamber ensembles, but also at performances as a member of various choirs. Additionally I gained my training through cooperation with prominent pedagogues as well as at master workshops with various recognized pianists and experts.


After finishing my master's studies in 2018, I took a break from performing activities and devoted myself to pedagogical work. I spent over a year working as a piano teacher in a small town in central Thailand. After returning to Serbia in 2020, I continued my pedagogical work, but I also devoted time to learning the art of piano tuning. While I’m still an amateur when it comes to tuning pianos, I am also actively developing and working in completely different fields such as web development and digital marketing.


Since 2021, I have been working as a ballet accompanist and I am trying to perfect this specific type of musicianship. I am a big fan of basketball, hip-hop and jazz music, martial arts, snooker,

chess, travel, psychology, philosophy... After several years filled with a variety of different interests and experiences, I am now returning to performing activities and continuation and construction of solo and chamber repertoire.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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